Congratulations to three fellows from the Uganda Cancer Institute for completing the IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program!

Dr. Pius Mulamira
Uganda Cancer Institute
Fellowship Training Completed: 2021

“I am so grateful to my mentors for your commitment to us and the program. I remain eager to learn and grow even more with your continued guidance and counsel in my career. The program has empowered me to make better decisions and judgement in the care of my patients. I am indebted to you all.”

Dr. Julius Nkalubo
Uganda Cancer Institute
Fellowship Training Completed: 2021

“Thank you all for the support. This has been one of the most impactful academic journeys I have experienced.”

Dr. Martin Origa
Uganda Cancer Institute
Fellowship Training Completed: 2021

“The IGCS Fellowship program has profoundly expanded my skill and knowledge toolkit which will definitely and positively impact my lifelong clinical practice."

The Global Curriculum was established in 2017 under the leadership of then-President, Michael Quinn. It is a comprehensive two-year education and training program designed for regions around the world that do not currently have formal training in gynecologic oncology. Click here to learn more about the program.

Congratulations to Drs. Mulamira, Nkalubo, and Origa on achieving this important milestone. Many thanks to the local and international mentors for their support and guidance.

Local Mentors - Uganda Cancer Institute

Dr. Juliet Birungi
Dr. Peter Gimei
Dr. Mariam Nabwire

Dr. Miriam Nakalembe
Dr. Carolyn Nakisige
Dr. Anthony Okoth Ndira

Dr. Jane Namugga
Dr. Nixon Niyonzima
Dr. Jackson Orem

International Mentors - Duke University School of Medicine (USA)

Dr. Paula Lee

Dr. Stephanie Ueda

Dr. Paula Lee, Gynecologic Oncologist at Duke University School of Medicine (USA) and International Mentor for the Uganda Cancer Institute congratulates the recently trained fellows:
“I am extremely proud of Pius, Julius, and Martin for their accomplishments and completion of the fellowship. They have made many sacrifices to achieve their professional goals to improve the care and outcome for women with gynecologic cancers. Their success is also a reflection of the dedication of the local mentors, especially during this past year when international mentors have not been allowed to travel due to the COVID19 pandemic. The unusual challenges have been an opportunity for growth and for local leadership to recognize the importance of paving a path for the local mentors to lead this training site in gynecologic oncology. As an external mentor, I am grateful for IGCS, the local mentors and leaders, all the faculty participating in our ECHO Tumor Board sessions, and of course to all the fellows. Congratulations Pius, Julius, and Martin!”

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