Venus Ginés
Founder/President, Día de la Mujer Latina
Houston, Texas, USA

“The year was 1992, when a simple slip and fall on a flight sent me to the Emergency Room. During the exam, the doctor proceeded to ask if I had ever had a mammogram; I said, ‘No.’ He explained that at 41, I should have had a baseline test. I asked why, and he said that mammograms can detect breast cancer in its early stages.” Read more of Venus’ story.

Miho Katagi
Co-Founder/Director, SMILEY
Tokyo, Japan

“In 2004, when I was 30 years old, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (Mucinous, Stage Ia) and treated with surgery and chemotherapy. While dealing with the diagnosis and such uneasy feelings, I was supported and encouraged most by other ovarian cancer patients I met online.” Read more of Miho’s story.

Benda Kithaka 
Co-Founder/Chair, Women4Cancer Early Detection & Treatment
Nairobi, Kenya
Benda is not a cancer survivor, but she is the sister of a cervical cancer survivor and co-founded the featured organization.

“In February 2010, my young sister—27 years old and a mother of one child—called with the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis was made by a general practitioner in a village hospital.” Read more of Benda’s story.