Dear Colleague,

Over the course of the last year the IGCS has grown in its promise as the premier global association for gynecologic oncologists and multidisciplinary team members caring for women with gynecologic malignancies. We are proud of our recent achievements and are confident you have noticed our enhancements and accomplishments.

Within the past ten months, IGCS has:

  • Hosted one our most successful Biennial Meetings in Lisbon, Portugal with over 2500 attendees
  • Redesigned and launched of a state-of-the-art website including a robust education portal and members-only section
  • Revitalized the Education Committee with truly international participation
  • Provided support to ten collaborative meetings
  • Developed and launched a global curriculum training program
  • Enhanced our relationship with our industry colleagues to ensure continued development of therapeutics for our patients
  • Recruited a seasoned and professional CEO

Help IGCS continue its mission to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education, training and public awareness.
Please submit your 2017 IGCS Membership dues today.

The IGCS relies on the strength of our membership and dues payments to remain an active and vital part of the global gynecologic cancer community. By renewing your membership, you will continue to contribute, participate and benefit from the IGCS in many ways. Without your participation, the Society could not fulfill its mission to provide you and other members with the education and resources necessary to improve the lives of women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers.

As our 2017 dues campaign comes to a close, it has come to our attention that you have not renewed your membership. We hope this is an oversight and that you will submit your dues payment by the end of February. With the launch of our new website, submitting dues online is very safe and convenient. Simply login with your email address and password at

Your email address is your username and all member’s passwords were reset to the default password of “unite” with the launch of the new website on October 28th. If you have changed your password since that date, use the new password you created. If you would like, Laura Snitzer, the membership services staff liaison can be reached at She would be happy answer any questions or set up a time and walk you through the process.

Membership offers you opportunities to engage with issues affecting the profession, connect with local and global colleagues, access top-tier educational resources and the latest insights. By paying your dues and being a member of IGCS you can assist us in shaping a brighter and stronger future for gynecologic oncology patients and their families.

We look forward to your continued participation in IGCS. We need you.


Michael Quinn, AM, MGO
IGCS President 
Mary Eiken, RN, MS