Five new Education Exchange Videos have been posted in the IGCS Education Portal. Recorded at the 2016 Biennial Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, these Education Exchanges allow thought leaders in the field of gynecologic oncology to share information in a brief video format. The newly added videos can be accessed at the following links below. If you are not currently logged in to the IGCS website, you will need you username (email address) and password. Pleases email if you need assistance.

Dr. Alessandro Buda (Italy) discusses his abstract “From Conventional Radiocolloid Plus Blue Dye To Indocyanine Green (Icg): An European Multicenter Comparison Of Methods Towards The Optimization In SN Mapping Of Cervical Cancer”
Dr. Michael Birrer (USA) speaks about whether ovarian cancer patients can be selected for anti-angiogenic therapy.
Dr. Raimundo Correa (Chile) discusses the importance of palliative care being integrated into the multicenter care team.
Dr. Sven Mahner (Germany) provides an overview of recent progress and game changers leading to more personalized surgical approaches
Dr. Michael Quinn (Australia) discusses the role of the Pap smear in the follow up of endometrial and cervical cancer.

We hope you enjoy these recently added videos and take a few moments to explore the additional content within the IGCS Education Portal including surgical videos and recorded presentations from the 2014 and 2016 Biennial Meetings.