IGCS Visiting Scholar & Mentorship Program

The objective of the program is to establish an international mentorship program that fosters long-term mentoring relationships with an aim of narrowing, and eventually eliminating, the gaps in provision of healthcare to women diagnosed with gynecological cancer across different regions of the world. This program will provide mentorship opportunities for young doctors seeking to learn a very specific skill not available at their institution (e.g. lymphatic mapping, minimally invasive surgery, fertility-sparing surgery, clinical trial design, palliative care, etc.).

The traveling mentorship must be approximately three months in duration so the mentee is able to reap the full benefits of the training experience.

The program is aimed at:

  1. Providing trainees and early career specialists in gynecological oncology from low- or middle-income countries an opportunity to visit and witness the working of more established units so they may identify improved resource utilization in their own setting.
  2. Mentoring early career professionals in gynecological oncology from lower resource regions and assist then in setting up multidisciplinary teams and gynecologic cancer centers in their region.
  3. Allowing opportunities for trainees/early career professionals in gynecological oncology from low resource settings to visit more established centers with specific goals of seeking mentorship.

The applicants may wish to seek experience and/or mentorship in one or more following domains:

  1. Surgical skills – learning, training, specializing, improving
  2. Peri-operative management
  3. Multidisciplinary team management (team building, decision making in MDT setting, ethical issues and insight)
  4. Provision of palliative care
  5. Research and clinical trial designs, participation in collaborative trial group activities
  6. Governance

View eligibility requirements and additional program details.

Applications will be accepted from January 15-February 15, 2019. All travel must be completed in the year 2019.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact IGCS Membership Manager, Cathy Fearing at cathy.fearing@igcs.org