IGCS Global Curriculum Fellows and Supervisors Invited to Attend SCCA Conference

Several of the IGCS Fellows attended the 2018 Stop Cervical, Breast & Prostate Cancer in Africa Conference in Maseru, Lesotho July 19-25, 2018. The conference is supported by the Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation, one of the leading Non – Governmental Organizations on Cancer in Africa. The Foundation champions awareness and education with particular focus on cancers of breast and cervix for women and prostate cancer for men. As part of the increased awareness campaign within the region, Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation launched the Annual Stop Cervical, Breast & Prostate Cancers in Africa Conference (SCCA) in 2007. The theme of this year’s conference was “Making a Difference in Women and Men’s Lives: Access to Medicines, Diagnostics and Treatment.” 

For more information about the SCCA please visit http://www.12thsccalesotho2018.org

The IGCS invited the fellows and local supervisors of training institutions in Africa to attend and speak at the conference. As part of the pre-conference meetings, the fellows attended a leep/colposcopy course as well as Project ECHO and Redcap training with the team from MD Anderson Cancer Center.

SCCA 2018 Attendees:

Dercia Changule, IGCS Fellow, Mozambique

Siro Daude, IGCS Fellow, Mozambique

Dawit Desalegn, Local Supervisor, Ethiopia

Bethel Dereje, IGCS Fellow, Ethiopia

Doryea Karbah, IGCS Fellow, Liberia

Elvira Luis, Local Supervisor, Mozambique

Peter Itsura, Local Supervisor, Kenya

Elly Odongo, IGCS Fellow, Kenya

Ricardina Rangeiro, IGCS Fellow, Mozambique

Freweini Tesfay, IGCS Fellow, Ethiopia

Tadesse Urgie, IGCS Fellow, Ethiopia

Dawit Work, IGCS Fellow, Ethiopia