Dear IGCS Member,

It is always rewarding to reflect on events and people in our lives that have been influential in our personal and professional development. When I think of the IGCS meetings I have attended in the past thirty years, I’m reminded of the experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met that have shaped my life and career.

Thirty years ago, IGCS held its first Biennial Meeting – our flagship event. From a small but ambitious society in 1987 with less than four hundred attendees in Amsterdam, we have grown and become truly global, our meetings drawing more attendees each decade. With our history of success and potential for growth in mind, the IGCS Council has been deliberating the pros and cons of increasing the frequency of our society meeting from once every two years to an annual conference occurring each year.

Traditionally, we have rotated the meeting sites between the Americas, Europe and Asia/Oceania, meaning each region has been hosting a meeting approximately every sixth year. Moving to a yearly event will allow us to bring our meeting to more geographic locations with more frequency, providing you with more opportunities to share your research, collaborate with colleagues and receive education from global leaders.

The IGCS Council has spent a tremendous amount of time over the last nine months reviewing options with Kenes Group, our conference management partner, examining our meetings data from the last 8 years. We reviewed attendance from the regions where IGCS-sponsored meetings have been conducted, discussed potential locations for future meetings, and received insights for marketing and communicating this change to our members and broader audience.

With the success of our Strategic Alliance Partnership Membership Expansion Program, we are realizing that our new partners have a strong desire to collaborate to develop and receive education, training and access to to global cancer care community. These growing partnerships will benefit from additional meetings to provide opportunities for our members to network, gain a sense of community, receive enhanced education, and increase the opportunity to present their work.

With that being said, I am excited to announce that the IGCS will begin hosting an annual conference starting in 2019 – and the first site will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

As IGCS looks ahead to another thirty years as the global voice for gynecologic oncology, moving to an annual meeting will undoubtedly help us meet the needs of ALL IGCS members. I am confident that you will be as supportive of these more frequent meetings as you have in the past. I have attended all 16 meetings over the last 30 years and cannot speak highly enough of the personal and professional benefits I have received as a result. IGCS is the only women’s cancer society whose mission is truly international, focusing on all socioeconomic areas from the richest to the poorest. I hope that membership is becoming increasingly rewarding for you as we expand our teaching and training portfolio and attract new members from across the world.

It has been a very busy first year of my presidency, and it has been incredibly rewarding to become further acquainted with my international colleagues and better understand the needs and burden of disease in your regions. I am confident that more frequent IGCS meetings occurring in more areas of the globe will bring more opportunities and have a positive outcome for our members and the women they care for.

I invite you to reflect on the impact the IGCS community has had on you and continue to take advantage of the opportunities that await you through IGCS meetings, programs and member benefits. I welcome any questions or feedback on this exciting and important shift for our society. Please feel free to contact me at

I hope to see you in Kyoto next year, Rio in 2019 and at future IGCS meetings to come!


Michael Quinn, MA, MGO
2016-2018 IGCS President