schmeler-kathleenThe IGCS Council has appointed Kathleen M. Schmeler, MD (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center) as the Chair of the newly reformed IGCS Education Committee. Establishing a robust and responsive Education Committee to implement and facilitate educational and training activities for IGCS Members is key in accomplishing IGCS’s mission.

An ideal candidate for IGCS leadership, Dr. Schmeler is actively involved in a number of educational programs that have a wide reach across the globe. Dr. Schmeler and future IGCS President, Michael Quinn, MD are currently reviewing the society’s educational programs and conceptualizing new training initiatives and learning opportunities to meet the needs of its diverse membership.

Subcommittees will be established to work on specific projects, including:

  1. The development of a global curriculum for gynecologic oncology.
  2. The evaluation and development of educational programming, including the biennial meetings, regional meetings, joint symposia and potential future offerings such as webinars and podcasts.
  3. The delivery of educational content on the IGCS website, including written commentaries on articles from the International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer (IJGC).
  4. The development of regional teleconferencing programs to connect IGCS Members in underserved areas with specialty consultants for case-based leading and co-management of patients.

Over the last several months, IGCS has been collecting the names of members who have expressed interest in serving on the committee and contributing educational content for the new website. We will again reach out to the membership in the near future to obtain volunteers for specific projects. Please email should you have any questions or comments regarding the Education Committee and its projects.

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