IGCS and AAGL have partnered to provide a free online surgical film series to a limited number of registered participants.

This free comprehensive live webinar series will provide surgical tutorial sessions narrated by expert surgeons. Attendees can participate in the live discussion forums during the webinar.

The webinar series includes:


Surgical Complications—May 5
5:00 p.m. EST

Moderator: Vance Broach
Topics & Presenters:

Surgical Complications
Vascular injury and repair, external iliac vessel Mario Leitao
Vascular injury and repair, inferior vena cava Jamie Bakkum-Gamez
Managing thermal injury to bowel Donal Brennan
Management of anastomotic leak TBD

Ovarian Cancer—May 8
7:00 a.m. EST

Moderator: Vance Broach
Topics & Presenters:

Ovarian Cancer
Who do we take to the OR for primary debulking surgery? Bill Cliby
Modified posterior Exenteration (combined TAH BSO LAR) Luis Chiva
Right Diaphragm Resection Reitan Ribeiro
Left Upper Quadrant Oliver Zivanovic
Porta Hepatis Dissection T. Peter Kingham
MIS interval Debulking Alejandro Rauh-Hain


Uterine Cancer—May 8
8:00 a.m. EST

Moderator: Ane Gerda Zahl Eriksson
Topics & Presenters:

Uterine Cancer
SLN Mapping in Gyn Cancer Rainer Kimmig
Extraperitoneal Dissection Paulo Zanvettor
Para aortic Lymph Node Dissection Eric LaBlanck