IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Unit Certificate Program

The burden of gynecologic cancer is high in most parts of the world. Contributing factors are a lack of adequate health-care infrastructure, an absence of screening programs, low coverage of vaccines, lack of appropriate resources and expertise and a lack of centralized oncology units. This is especially true in under-resourced countries.

In harmony with IGCS’s mission to improve outcomes for women through education and training, the IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Unit Certificate Program aims to improve outcomes for gynecologic cancer patients by providing an organizational model for a Gynecologic Oncology Unit. This is a voluntary certification program designed to certify established Gynecologic Cancer Units in low and middle income countries for meeting minimal standards of care as set by the IGCS.

Women are entitled to know the quality of care they receive in a gynecologic oncology unit is up to date and appropriate. This certification will provide women seeking care with information to help them make an informed decision regarding where they receive their care and them the knowledge that their treating center has met certain standards and outcomes.

What does it mean to achieve IGCS Certification?

  • IGCS Certification verifies that the unit meets recognized standards for clinical services, interdisciplinary care, safety, and quality management, providing benchmark requirements for establishing and maintaining a sub-specialty service.
  • IGCS Certification communicates to the patient population that those treated benefit from the standardization of care, thereby strengthening community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services provided.
  • IGCS Certification displays the unit’s commitment to continuous quality assurance and adherence to quality indicators.