Featured Content from the IGCS Education Committee

Education Highlight: IGCS-IJGC Interactive Learning Articles

We are excited to announce that the IGCS Education Committee’s Work Group on Gynecologic Cancer has developed a new interactive learning feature that allows members to test their knowledge while reading select articles published in the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer.

Education Highlight: Select Webcasts

Did you miss IGCS 2019 in Rio? Were you there and could not attend all the talks you wanted to? Like every meeting – there was an abundance of excellent presentations including new research, clinical trials and review sessions. This month we highlight two sessions from Rio which we hope you will find interesting and relevant to your practice.

Education Highlight: IGCS 2019 Webcasts

Over 60 recorded presentations (webcasts) from the 2019 IGCS Annual Global Meeting held in Rio de Janeiro September 19-21, 2019 are now available. 

Education Highlight: IGCS’s First Webinar Recording

In this month’s IGCS Education Highlight, we bring you recordings from our live-streaming webinar: Gynecologic Cancer Update. Dr. R. Wendel Naumann (USA) hosted the event on Sept 6, 2019 at Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC and several expert speakers presented the most recent updates on various topics related to gynecologic cancers.

Education Highlight: IGCS-PARSGO Recordings

Two renowned hospitals, the Charité in Berlin and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN have been cooperative partners for several years, hosting a major international conference on women´s cancer every two years. IGCS Members may access the recordings by logging into the IGCS Education Portal.

Education Highlight: In the Know

This month’s IGCS Education Highlight is from In the Know – Ed’s List. Ed’s lists provide a compilation of abstracts related to the field of gynecologic oncology from multiple scholarly journals. This month’s featured article concludes: Cases negative for evidence of serous carcinoma of peritoneal origin at the time of Risk-Reducing Salpingo-Oophorectomy and found to be STIC positive, developed serous carcinoma of peritoneal origin 4-6 years later…

Education Committee Update: Overview of Online Education

A message from the IGCS Education Committee Chairs Ritu Salani and Ane Gerda providing an overview of educational content currently available and a preview of projects in development.