The International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) is staffed by a team of remote association professionals. The best way to reach us is by email, utilizing the staff list below.

PO Box 170645
Austin, TX 78717
United States

Tel: 1 (707) 732-4427

IGCS Staff:

Mary Eiken, RN, MS, Chief Executive Officer
Mary works closely with the IGCS Council, in setting and implementing the society’s strategic plan. She fosters relationships with partners across the globe and provides direction for all society business and initiatives, ensuring that the IGCS mission is at the forefront of all we do.
Mary (Dicey) Scroggins, Director of Global Outreach and Engagement 
Dicey leads the society’s patient advocacy efforts, establishes relationships with international gynecologic cancer advocacy communities. She plans and facilitates patient, caregiver, and community awareness and educational initiatives to empower women with tools and resources to increase their level of health care autonomy and to enable them to  act on the specific needs within their region.
Debbie Leopold, Communications & Website
Debbie is responsible for writing and sending member communications and announcements, maintaining the society’s social media presence and ensuring website content is current. She works closely with website developers to implement design elements and optimize user experience.
Mandy Hansen, Online Education
Mandy partners with the Education Committee and volunteer leadership to provide web-based educational resources for the IGCS membership. She works closely with the volunteer leadership to ensure content is generated based on member needs across all disease types.
Susan Ralph, Mentorship & Training
Susan is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of mentorship initiatives in collaboration with the CEO, Mentorship & Training Steering Committee Chair, and volunteer leadership. The Manager will guide and provide recommendations to the Steering Committee and four Work Groups associated with the committee.
Kayla Sharples, Social Media Coordinator
Kayla maintains the IGCS social media accounts, develops and curates content for social engagement and to spread awareness of IGCS programs, initiatives, and information of interest to the global gynecologic cancer care community.