A Global Network

We are uniting a Global Network of independent organizations and individuals in the fight against gynecologic cancer.


Special Announcements

Survivor Voices

Ask a Survivor
If you have a question you would like answered or a topic  you would like discussed from a survivor or caregiver perspective, please send it to Dicey Scroggins at dicey.scroggins@igcs.org. We will reach out to the community and post responses.

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We Create: Joint Art Project

“We Create: Joint Art Project” is a signature survivor- and caregiver-led opportunity to create and leave art—as a gift from the gynecologic cancer community and a remembrance—in each region where IGCS holds a Global Meeting. Everyone who attends the meeting can contribute to the art piece, perhaps through a paint brush stroke or a mosaic tile placement. IGCS will provide the supplies; you will each contribute your own artistic touch.

IGCS will include an art project in most major advocacy-community events and encourage others to do the same, providing basic guidance and templates. We will also produce “We Create” projects virtually.

Advocates in Action

Thanks for your support in the fight against gynecologic cancer!


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