Summit Hosts


Runcie Chidebe (Nigeria)

Daniela Luvero (Italy)

Miriam Mutebi (Kenya)


Moderators & Speakers

Listed in order of appearance.

Gynecologic Cancer Literacy–Part I


Anuja Jhingran (USA)

Adrienne Moore (USA)
Presenter: A survivor-caregiver experience

Robert Coleman (USA)
Presenter: Gynecologic cancer 101: Precision medicine & ovarian cancer

Daniela Luvero (Italy)
Presenter: Screening options in cervical & endometrial cancer

Miriam Mutebi (Kenya)
Presenter: Breast cancer: Global news

Gynecologic Cancer Literacy–Part II


Rene Pareja (Colombia)

Daniele Schwartz (Brazil)
Presenter: A survivor-caregiver experience

Daniele Schwartz, is a lawyer, who at 36 years discovered uncommon type of cell in cervical cancer. Today, two years after the completing treatment, only in follow-up.


Angélica Nogueira Rodrigues (Brazil)
Presenter: Genetic testing & treatment options: Therapeutics for ovarian cancer patients, first-line algorithms & good clinical practice 

Keiichi Fujiwara (Japan)
Presenter: Differences among maintenance therapies in ovarian cancer recurrence

Roberto Angioli (Italy)
Presenter: Hot topics & prominent studies

Break-out Session
We Create: Joint Art Project


Jenny Kirgis (USA)
Art Instructor

Survivorship 101: Focus on Quality of Life


Lari Wenzel (USA)

Jill Holdren (USA)
Presenter: A survivor-caregiver experience

Nathalie McKenzie (USA/Haiti)
Presenter: Wellness from diagnosis onward: Work-life balance, Working after a cancer diagnosis 

Janine Porter-Steele (Australia)
Presenter: Body image, sexual health, & intimate relationships: Psychological care 

The Power of Patient Advocacy


Runsi Sen (USA)

Linda Greef (South Africa)
Presenter: A survivor-caregiver experience

Julie Torode (Switzerland)
Presenter: The power & importance of patient advocacy worldwide 

Frances Reid (UK)
Presenter: Patient advocacy organization highlight: WOCC Global Ovarian Cancer 

Mary Dicey Jackson Scroggins (USA)
Summit Organizer

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