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As Editor in Chief of The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer (IJGC), I was aware that since we moved to complete electronic publication, the value of the cover of each issue has lost its significance. Readers of modern times surf the web in a fast pace and do not glance at the cover as was done over the past decades. Therefore, a need for a new concept was necessary and the use of art work to deliver a message of importance to our readers came about.

At the same time, I was fortunate to read a wonderful novel; Cutting for Stone by Abraham Vergese. This outstanding novel involves medicine, history, passion and human nature in a most fascinating way. A must for every physician. A theme that comes across the book is the value of compassion in life generally and in medicine more so.

With these facts in mind we ordered nine drawings from a talented artist, Ayala Tal, in which the message of compassion will accompany all nine issues of the IJGC for 2016. You may have noticed them throughout the year, 2016 The Year of Compassion. Each artwork has the most sensitive, professional and beautiful colors and style.

In preparation for the IGCS meeting in Lisbon we asked our publisher, David Myers, to assist us in preparing a large poster containing all nine covers to be given as a gift to all participants of the meeting. With full financial and logistic support the poster was designed, printed and shipped to Lisbon, 2000 posters in all!

The reaction to this initiative was very enthusiastic and thus, for the forthcoming year we have decided to continue with our initiative though with another artist and a new theme. 2017 will be devoted to “Mentorship,” a most important role to which we all devote time and energy.

You will be able to view these forthcoming drawings starting this coming January. Hopefully we will be able to repeat the poster gift for the ESGO meeting participants in Vienna next Fall.

Best of wishes for the forthcoming New Year.


Uzi Beller, MD
IJGC Editor in Chief

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